Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Spring Photo Shoot

This is a cute girly outfit. Perfect for party's. The statement skirt is from Misguided. The shirt is from Target. The shoes from Dotti.

This outfit is very casual great for when your going shopping or to the movies. The t-shirts from Chica Booti. Shorts are from Supre and shoes from City Beach.

This outfit is a bit more fancy perfect for party's. The dress is from City Beach. Shoes are Jelly's from Cotton On. 

This outfit casual but a bit more to the fancy side because of the silver necklace. The singlet and shoes (Jellys) is from Dotti the pants are from Ally and the necklace from Equip. 

Summer Photo Shoot

This outfit is casual but a bit more sassy and great for the summer time. T-shir: Target Shorts: Supre Shoes: Dotti

This is more fancy. This is a beautiful bohemian dress from target and is perfect for the summer time.

This outfit is more fancy with the T-shirt and sandals (Jellys) from Dotti and the Skirt from JJ's. 
This outfit is very casual Shirt: Supre Shorts: JJ's Shoes: Kmart

Photo Shoot Winter

This is a casual outfit with a bit of formal feel to it because of the high waisted floral shorts with the stockings. T-shirt: Supre Shorts: Supre Stalkings Kmart

This outfit is very fancy. The slit at the back makes this dress very unique looking than other black dresses. Dress: City Beach Shoes: Dotti Necklace: Equipe

This is also a very fancy dress. Black is very in during the winter time and this is a great strapless dress to wear to party's. Dress: Ally

This is a great casual outfit for during the winter and will look great with a black leather jacket. Top: Supre Pants: Ally Shoes: Dotti

Photo Shoot Autumn

This outfit is perfect for autumn because its casual and comfy. Perfect for going shopping with friends or going to the movies. Shorts: Cotton on T-shirt: Cotton on Shoes: KmartBeanie: Reject

This is more of a fancy dress. The lace at the bottom and the top makes the dress very unique and the maroon colour is perfect for winter. If its a bit chilly it can be paired with a warm over sized knit cardigan. Dress: Ally Shoes: Kmart

This outfit is a bit more formal with a blazer but more toward to the casual side. Blazer:Target Shorts: Cotton on T-shirt JJ's Shoes: Kmart

This is also more of a casual outfit if your not to afraid to show your stomach. Leggings:Chica Booti T-shirt: Supre Shoes: Kmart